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What's Next After a Tree Removal? Stump Removal!

After your friends at Rodriguez Tree Services bring down a tree, we then prefer to get rid of the stump too. If not, you’ll have a dangerous tripping hazard as well as a perfect place for termites and other pests to build their homes. Now that the tree is out of the way, let’s get the stump and the roots out of there too. You’ll love how much it improves your property!

Stump Removal Includes

  • Grinding the remaining stump
  • Grinding the roots
  • Removing debris from grinding
  • Cleaning up the area

Removing Older Stumps and Newer Ones Too

Maybe you have a new stump from a recent tree removal. Or, maybe you have an older stump that has been around for years, rotting and falling apart. It doesn’t matter how old your stump might be. What really matters is who you call to get the job done right and make your property look better than ever. Call Rodriguez Tree Services today for your free price quote.

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