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Improve Your Trees With Ornamental Pruning

You could say that no two trees look the same. Branches seem to grow randomly in odd directions at odd angles. Some grow beautifully, but some don’t. With ornamental pruning from Rodriguez Tree Services, we’ll snip away at the odd branches that affect the shape and create more even limbs that will not only look better but grow better during the year.

Why Do Your Trees Need Pruning?

  • To maintain or reduce plant size
  • To prevent overgrowth
  • To improve visual balance
  • To remove dead, diseased, and broken branches
  • To maintain shape, vigor, and health

When Is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees?

If you want tree pruning from the team at Rodriguez Tree Services, then you want to call in the fall or later in the winter. Why? Because there will be fewer leaves on your trees at that time, and we’ll be able to get a better look at which areas are most in need of pruning. We’ll also be able to get better cutting angles at the exposed limbs. Call today for a free price quote.

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